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Star Wars Rogue One: SPOILERS
I like pi!

So, first, off, the triggering content warning!

***********Spoiler: Just a line describing the trigger**********

And the trigger is.....Major character death!

Ok and now some more detailed spoilery discussion, read at your own risk etc.

***********MORE SPOILERS!!!! BIG ONES**********


First, for anyone who got here by mistake, a very minor spoiler: CGI Tarkin was...weird. I don't see that tech taking over movies any time soon but it works well for cameos and hey he was always a bit weird looking anyway.

Second: At last, a sympathetic Star Wars character with breathing problems! And I'm glad the pilot didn't actually go crazy. I wonder if the slimy thing actually CAN read thoughts, or if it's just a trick, would explain why the empire don't use them.

Anyway. I wore a Han Solo shirt to Episode 7, and now refer to it as my Lucky Star Wars Shirt.


Right to the end I was like "Maybe...there's a way they can.....not get swept up in the giant tidal wave?" I mean I kinda knew (almost) everyone would die from the nature of the movie, but it was worth a shot. Am still trying to figure out a semi-plausible Everyone Lives AU, Episode 4 compliance be damned.

I was annoyed that they fridged the mother and then the disabled black guy on pretty flimsy premises, but then they fridged Jin's dad to fuel her Woman Pain, and then they killed EVERYONE ELSE.

It's a pity tragic old Asian dudes don't tend to appeal to slash fandom cos they were endearingly slashy. But yeah I predictably ship Cute Major Female Character with Cute Major Male Character. They had such a lovely arc and need to kiss and not be dead ;_;

ALSO I neeeeeed to see Hux shot in the face with his own superweapon now, living just long enough to realise that's how he's going to die and that all his plans have come to naught. It's not even that I hate him especially that was just really satisfying.

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