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Media! July 2017
I like pi!


17776: a strange but well made multimedia...thing, telling a cute and mildly philosophical story about AIs and the far future with a laser focus on American football. Intensely, unashamedly, and obnoxiously parochial, even compared to your average scifi written by Americans. The entire rest of the world is literally relegated to a footnote in the final page. Baseball barely gets mentioned as a thing people are into, it's that focussed on football. If you can get past that, and can read coloured text on black in the form of images and videos, it's pretty good. Probably more fun if you are from the US and have any idea how American football works, lol.


The Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypass: shy wallflower heiress convinces a rake to marry her so she can escape her terrible family. To their mutual surprise they fall in love. ...I assume. It's good at what it does if you like that sort of thing, but is racist towards the Roma character (he's sympathetic but super exotified, the kind of depiction that would be antiracist if this book had been written in 1850 instead of 2009) and the rake is too overbearingly alpha-ish for me. I kept wanting her to run off with the Roma guy and gave up.

Live action movies and tv:

Wonder Woman: I loved it! I rolled my eyes at the superhero-Jesus narrative being shoehorned onto the Greek gods but turns out if you make the Christ figure a woman I'm into it. I loved the bittersweet humanism, the compassion for the human race in all our complexities. Also just...women kicking ass in a non male-gazey way. Could have done with more (eg any) non-evil human women in the front lines, and less (eg zero) disability-as-sign-of-evil and fatsuits.

Spiderman: Homecoming: I enjoyed this about as much as I was ever going to enjoy a Spiderman movie at this point. Didn't do anything super groundbreaking, but was a fun teen superhero story, with some diversity and very mild social commentary, and every single character felt like a real (if thinly sketched) person with consistent motivations, even the minor villains.

American Gods: I got maybe halfway through the first episode and was just too bored to continue. It's not bad I just didn't care enough.


A Centaur's Life: A cute slice of life anime with lots of mild yuri about a world where all people are centaurs or have wings or whatever. Mostly innoffensive and engaging so far but the most recent episode (3) had some unfortunate stuff involving very young girls and consent: it was just kisses on the cheek but the subtext was creepy.

NTR: sleazy yuri anime about a girl seducing her best friend even though they both have boyfriends. Not sure how to review this since my emotional reaction was very ?????, but it's what it says on the tin.

Elegant Youkai Apartments: I only watched episode one of this, which was an innoffensive story about a teenage boy ending up a tenant in a cheery apartment block full of supernatural creatures.

Computer Games:

Dream Daddy: a fluffy, funny, diverse dating sim where you're a single dad and can date other single dads. You can be a trans man(*)! One of the love interests is also trans! A little gender essentialist (not sexist, exactly, but prone to saying "it's a dad thing" in ways which made my genderfluid teeth hurt) and leans a bit too heavily on the Wholesome Soft Boy thing for my tastes, eg there's an unfortunate subtext that the only good partner is sexless and free of mental health problems. There's some timed minigames which require quick thinking, but I failed most of them and still got to all the best endings. No autoplay or rollback so my fingers got sore from clicking and I missed stuff while skipping, and presumably it won't be screen reader compatible. Overall a well made and enjoyable game.

(*)Which is to say you can put your MC in a binder in the character creator, and choose to have given birth to your daughter. His asab never comes up otherwise. The game in general never mentions gender identity, sexuality, or race explicitly. Here's my dadsonas.

Puzzle Agent 2: Finishes the story started in Puzzle Agent 1. If you like the idea of a Twin Peaks-esque surreally funny G rated puzzle game and can deal with some janky gameplay and a rushed ending you'll have a good time.

The Room 2: Windows only puzzle game. Some of the puzzles were a bit unintuitive or dull but overall it was a lot of fun, atmospheric and aesthetically enchanting, like playing with an antique puzzle box. Has some jump scares but it's not a scary game overall, just spooky. Plot didn't make a bunch of sense to me but that's not why you play these games :)

Cross-set: a cheap logic game with a slight spin on sudoku. Not the best game ever but I've had fun with it and there's a fair number of puzzles. I thought I was done and it gave me more!

**Incest warning!!**

Destiny's Princess: A War Story a Love Story: A Windows only Japanese dating sim I bought very cheap without reading the premise carefully. Turns out you're a princess who makes a wish to save her murdered (male) friends and family...which ends up with them replaced by famous Japanese historical figures with false memories, and then becoming your love interests. Including your 'dad' and 'brother'. I might be able to handle the incest angle if the dudes realise it's all fake soon enough, but I find incest squicky enough that I haven't felt up to trying. Was pretty good otherwise, but low on choices so I had trouble keeping up my attention, especially given the assumed familiarity with Japanese history (I have not heard of any of the love interests >.>)

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