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Things recently consumed: Cam is on a work conference edition
happy dragon

O Human Star: SO GREAT. A cantankerous robotics researcher wakes up in a new robot body 16 years after his death. Robots, queerness and the nature of self :D Compassionate and sweet and funny :D :D Still ongoing D: (currently mid sad flashback, but it's about the main character's death which is hardly a cliffhanger)


Read Only Memories: 80s scifi styled point and click adventure game about artificial intelligence. Only just started but so far it's charming and fun.

To the Moon: Found out the ending was very Sick Wife, removed from my to-play list.


Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones: I can't tell why I was only meh on this book. It's a f/f romance set in an alternate Europe with magic, has interesting worldbuilding and politics, likeable characters, and believable arcs. The writing is generally fine. But it just kept falling flat for me at certain moments, especially during the romance. Too emotionally distant or something. Still glad I read it!

It Takes Two to Tangle by Theresa Romaine: Depressed war wounded duke has romantic misunderstandings with angsty widow. Ok but they're at the point halfway through where they're together and she's like "it'll be fine as long as he Never Knows The Truth" and it's not interesting enough for me to want to keep going to see them break up and get back together. I'm not 100% sure what her dark secret is but suspect it will feel too minor to justify the oncoming angst and that's just annoying. I did like that he is genuinely disabled (his arm is paralysed), I should probably enjoy the "woman comforts aristocratic man adjusting to acquired disability" genre less than I do.


New Game: Cute girls doing cute things: games industry edition! I made a picspam on my tumblr and 5 episodes in it's much the same. It has something resembling a plot and hints of character development which is more than can be said for a lot of moe, occasionally descends into crappy gender stereotypes (girls all care about being fat!!) and is pretty male-gaze queerbaity but I like the characters and humour and am overall enjoying it.

Flying Witch: Continues to be sweet and enjoyable in short bursts, I don't find myself drawn to watching much in a row.

This boy suffers from Crystalisation: Sweet but earnestly overwrought m/m about a teenage boy with LITERAL SPARKLING SADNESS DISEASE in love with his teacher who he calls "Mr Older Brother" (Sensei Onii-san). Has a bunch of dodgy tropes around consent and disability but is sweet if you can ignore all that and I enjoyed it well enough.

Bananya: Tiny cute nonsensical anime about tiny cute cats living inside bananas. Ok for when I am REALLY braindead but needs more female characters.

Haikyuu!! Volleyball sports anime I might have found tolerable if the hero hadn't spent the whole first episide struggling to train by himself because he refused to train with the girls team. Right at the end there is 30 seconds of him going "wait that was dumb" before he joins a larger boys team and from what I can see he and the show never have to deal with more than one female character ever again.

Himouto! Umaru-chan: A guy deals with his annoying 16 year old younger sister. Other guys and their younger sisters are apparently introduced later? Massively unappealing.

D-Frag! Did I mention this? Tsundere nerd girl harem blech.

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