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Things consumed!
happy dragon
Jamberry nail wrap free sample: Pretty good!

Bridesmaids: Pretty good awkwardness grossout humour with suitably grungy female characters, but got too awkward and gross for me so I stopped. Looked up a summary and things just go downhill, deciding if I want to finish since I did like the characters and relationships. Lots of femslash potential!

Kubo and the Two Strings: beautiful, affecting, and deeply ableist children's film. Has "literal blindness=inability to connect with other people" baked in deep, especially at the end. I still enjoyed it overall, the characters are lovely, and it doesn't flinch from harsh moments as much as Disney films. Made me cry!

Music and Lyrics: A very bland romantic comedy about Hugh Grant as a washed up 80s rockstar and Drew Barrymore as the lyricist he is inspired by. Ends up being more about his dreams than I liked, and the 'inspired' music is as bland as the movie. But wasn't terrible.


Obduction: the new game from the makers of Myst. Very much in the style of Myst, with a different implausible excuse for teleporting between worlds, and just as much use of purple prose and scattered, confusing documents. But it's really lovely, with lots of clever worldbuilding that makes solving puzzles generally feel more like "what is the logical way to get from A to B" than "how do I solve this bizarre puzzle someone has put between A and B for no good reason". Lovely understated sense of character, mystery and wonder. Needs a pretty beefy windows machine, will be out for Mac eventually.

The Little mermaid and purple tide: Middle of the road hidden object game, was ok as a game but the plot was meh.


Kill 6 Billion Demons: Very interesting and strange story of a woman who gets catapulted into a weird alternate future city of demons. I couldn't get into it, it was all too unpleasant.

SpaceTrawler: Very well made space opera, with humour and pathos and clever ideas. Sadly heteronormative for a story where one guy sleeps with, like, bugs (but only lady ones!) and has an unfortunate recurring subtext about sufficient trauma "breaking" people so that they need a less traumatised/oppressed person to save/destroy them.

Web series:
Her Story Short, light romantic drama about two trans women. Made by and starring an Actual Trans Woman, and treats them like real people, which is great. It also has captions, which is awesome! Unfortunately is one of those anviliciously political stories which would be more enjoyable if it was less anvilicious and/or had better politics. It has a lot of "Are you straight or are you gay", and people are CONSTANTLY ignoring other people's boundaries 'for their own good'. I had to take a break at the start of episode 5, where the main character Vi's friend puts the spotlight on her and says "...between us, friends, Vi has the hots for the hella cute dyke right next to her. BUT, Vi doesn’t think she’s a lesbian. ....Vi was my girlfriend, you little genderfuckers, and I can tell you that she went at it like only a true dyke can!". OR MAYBE SHE COULD BE BI?? But the ending was cute, I'm still glad I watched it.

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