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Things I've been reading and stuff!
happy dragon


Think of England by K J Charles: an enjoyable m/m romance set in the late 19th century that feels like the author has actually researched gay men in the late 19th century and read actual 19th century books? I mean it's fluffy espionage/adventure pastiche but my expectations for period romances are low. The love interest is That Effete Jew Noone Likes from books of that era except, you know, a person, which I loved. There ratio of sex to romance is higher than I usually like but they have a very sweet and convincing relationship. The one sour note for me was that while various character's antisemitism and classism was criticised the "Go to Africa to make money" technique was not, I don't know if that becomes an issue in later books in the series. Also: contains period accurate slurs etc, including from the (mostly decent but initially conservative) protagonist.


Crazy Ex Girlfriend: A neurotic lawyer is totally not having a nervous breakdown and absolutely did not move to a new town just because her highschool ex lives there. With singing. Funny and clever but full of awkward humour so I'm stalled.


Finding Dory: A pretty enjoyable sequel to Finding Nemo about Dory searching for her parents despite her short term memory loss. Tries really hard to portray disability positively, and mostly succeeds, though it felt like the movie the parents of a disabled kid would make rather than something written by a disabled person. Also one character just needed to believe himself for his health problems to go away??

Keanu: Two suburban black guys go undercover as drug dealer hitmen to get back their stolen kitten. Was pretty fun, but I was watching on a plane and the "when will they get caught out??" tension got too much for me so I stopped.


Arcana: Demo for a kickstarter fantasy Visual Novel for phones, with intrigue and no set protagonist gender. It was interesting enough.

Solstice: Fantasy visual novel by the makers of Cinders. Not bad but the plot and characters aren't grabbing me. The phororealistic art style doesn't suit a VN, I find it jarring.


Yuri on Ice: Omg this show is so fun. I mean it's still definitely in the "pretty boys homoerotically doing sports" genre (in this case ice skating) but (a) genuinely well made, with decent writing, humour, animation, and characterisation (b) they are my kind of pretty (c) it is so homoerotic. And never goes "no homo", and has actual decent female characters! I think the people expecting canon m/m are fooling themselves, but I'm still having fun.

New Game: I finished the season and it remained a fun, silly anime about female game developers.

Gakuen Handsome: deliberately C-grade parody of yaoi tropes. At least the episodes are short?

Yona of the Dawn: shoujo pseudo-ancient-Japan fantasy about a princess who is forced to become a warrior and gains a harem of pretty boys to protect her, eventually finding love with her loyal bodyguard/childhood friend. I quite enjoyed the first few episodes, detailing how she lost her prileged position and focusing on the interesting ot3-ish dynamic between her, her bodyguard, and another childhood friend. But past that point I got bored really quickly and stopped. She's so shoujo princess it hurts, pouting and crying and fainting and being Good, and the flashforwards showing her being badass still had ZERO other female characters so eh.

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