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The things I have seen! June 2017
I like pi!


Big Eden: A fluffy m/m romance set in a quirky American country town where noone is homophobic and instead they're all invested in helping the protagonist (an artist returned home from the city to look after his ailing father) get together with the shy Native American shopkeeper trying to express his love through cooking. There was a little more of people sucessfully telling the protagonist how to live his life than I liked, and it's not the best made romance ever, but it is very sweet. I thought the father's illness was handled pretty well, though it's definitely not his story. And I did enjoy the scene where Tim Dekay, as the straight bff the protag has a crush on, homoeroticly builds a wheelchair ramp :D

Keanu: Action comedy where two suburban black Americans pretend to be gangsters to rescue a kitten belonging to one of them when it is stolen by a local gang. Very dudely but I enjoyed it well enough. nb nothing bad happens to the kitten :)

Live Action TV:

Jimmy Carr: Funny Business: Standup. I honestly can't remember what I thought of this. I think I found it a mixture of funny and irritating.

Chill with Bob Ross: A very gentle show about learning to paint cheesy nature scenes using simple techniques. Very relaxing and was an effective way for me to learn and practice general digital painting techniques.


The Devil Is A Part Timer: Very silly show about a demon lord who gets trapped in our world without magic and has to get a job at a fast food restaurant. Didn't click for me.

Sword Art Online Abridged: Parodies a cheesy, sexist anime and somehow also tells a genuinely enjoyable, if silly story. The protagonist is one of a thousand or so people trapped into a fantasy themed MMO, and battles his way to the final challenge to try and escape, finding love and adventure on the way. The abridged version gives the female characters way more agency and removes all the gross harem elements while still having fun with the battles etc.

Kukoro's Basketball: basketball sports anime. Didn't grab me, but very few sports anime do and it seemed fine for it's genre. (I keep trying the genre despite mostly finding it dull because it's usually inoffensive)

The Royal Tutor: a tutor helps the four teenage princes of country resembling 19th century Germany deal with their issues and become capable heirs to the throne. Feels a bit like a reverse harem show but the "girl" is the kingship, crossed with "protag battles problems and shocks everyone with their amazingness" where the problems are all teaching related. Has no real female characters but I found myself enjoying it anyway, just the right mix of fluff and humour with a tiny sprinkling of angst. I was a bit worried the show would subtextually ship the tutor with one of the princes but if anything it ended up shipping him with their father which I am totally down with.

Sweetness and Lightning: intensely cute manga (and anime but I haven't watched that yet) about a widower with a four year old daughter teaming up with the teenage daughter of a restaurant owner to learn to cook so the daughter has tasty meals and the three of them can have fun together. Lots of cute cooking and recipes. So far has zero romance, like a lot of people I worry it may ship the dad with the teenager in the end, but currently she's nearly graduated highschool and he's barely open to the idea of dating anyone even in principle, so if it does happen it'll be once they're both adults and he's not her maths teacher any more, which is less gross than it could be.


England Exchange: a dating sim about being an exchange student from America in the UK. I tried the demo because you can play and romance as both male and female. But the writing was mediocre and I stopped when I realised there was a one-to-one correspondence amongst the love interests between brownness and shallow meanness.

Tales from the Borderlands: All the choices are timed! NOPE. Otherwise a clever and darkly funny point and click adventure/Visual Novel-ish scifi game.

Loan Wolf: Cute short free f/f dating sim set in a world like ours but everyone is mythological creatures. The protagonist is a werewolf who works in user support.

Paint it Back: Silly pun filled picross game about fixing vanished paintings. The puns and silly art really add to the experience, though some of the jokes are unfortunate and the UI is pretty bad in places. Has some extra challenges I found interesting as a game dev and player, overall has much more variety and better aesthetics than your average picross game.

Got in the current Steam Sale and have not played yet: Putt Putt goes to the Moon (an old kids point and click puzzle game), The Room Two (sequel to puzzle game The Room which I quite enjoyed)

Got in the current GoG sale and have not played: System Shock 2 (FPS that apparently has some cool AI characterisation)


Sing the Four Quarters by Tanya Huff: I was recced this as typical 90s fantasy with bi and poly characters and that's exactly what it was. Which turned out to be too 90s fantasy for me (cheesy, moustache twirling villains etc) but it was free on iBooks and other people love them. The protagonist is a bi poly princess who was only allowed to become a bard if she never became pregnant and...oops.

Earth Bound by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner: a really fun romance novel about a female engineer and her male boss at Alternate Reality NASA during the 60s space race. Starts out as friends with benefits then they have a big fight and have to work towards a healthy relationship, which is not my usual cup of tea, but it worked for me here.

The Second Mango by Shira Glassman: A fantasy story about a jewish lesbian princess with caeliacs on a roadtrip to find a girlfriend, helped by her straight female bodyguard. So fluffy and simplistic it felt like a children's book, but otherwise mostly ok. I have not felt much impetus to try the next book in the series but will get there eventually.

A Gentleman's Position by K.J. Charles: m/m romance about a well meaning but domineering victorian gentleman and his brilliantly talented and sneaky valet. Huge power differentials aren't my thing but I loved all the pining, and overall enjoyed the story pretty well. I remember something about it annoyed me but not what, oops.

The Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypass: I've seen this recced by many people, none of whom mentioned how VERY RACIST AND FATPHOBIC it is. It's only from 2006 so she has no excuse. Anyway, the premise is the typical "wall flower with large inheritance who must marry soon for plot reasons gets into marriage of convenience with poor but titled rake", and while it's not doing anything very exciting (and is racist :/) it is very readable with a lot of satisfying "OH NO, FEELINGS??" from the rake etc. Haven't quite finished it yet. Am hoping nothing worse happens with the Gross Fat Cousin or Exotic Romany With A Heart Of Gold :/ Also, at the very start I had a moment of " this a Black Butler fic??" when the devilish Sebastian keeps being uncharacteristicly kind and subservient to the tiny but determined heroine eg untying her shoes/preparing her toothbrush etc, but that impression wore off.

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