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I like pi!
The irc-like chat program Discord is the new shiny fannish social media. One advantage over irc is that it shows all messages posted, not just the ones you're there for, which makes for a better ongoing conversation. The advantage over tumblr etc is the ability to have private-ish, moderated, communal conversations. The advantage over message boards and mailing lists is that it's new and shiny.

I quite like it but it can be tricky finding servers (eg chat rooms) relevant to my interests. Currently I'm only a member of public ones, so I can share the links freely. Here are all the ones I know about.

Servers I am on:

I was on a Shirayuki Hime server but they were all like 18 and I don't actually have a lot to say about the manga. Since then akagamins took the link down due to a troll, but said if you ask they'll give you an invite.

Note that unless you do something tricky with multiple browsers etc Discord will sign you in as the same person on every server, you can change your username on each server but people can still click through to your profile and connect the dots.

There's a Discord application but I just use the browser version and that works fine.

I enjoyed it much more once I learned to (a) mute channels I find annoying (b) Accept that most conversations will pass me by, especially given my time zone. I mostly lurk, only popping in from time to time.

I've not yet done much with "friends" and am not sure what the features are but you guys are welcome to friend me anyway if you like :) My username is sqbr#4312.

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