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Samurai Love Ballad Party: Perpetually Moonstruck: Kyoichiro and Shima

Masterlist and guide

A new ninja: Kyoichiro's cousin, Shima! He's mostly cheerful, but moody and passive aggressive, and I don't really like him.

But Koichiro's story was cute.

Kyoichiro's cousin Shima shows up. He's an ex-ninja apothecary, and is doggedly cheerful in the face of Kyoichiro trying to get him to go away.

He calls Kyoichiro "Kyo", does that mean his name is pronounced Kyo-i-chiro? *checks* Huh! It's KYO-eecheero. I was imagining kyoyCHEEro.

Kyoichiro's polite, cheerful behaviour around customers is an amusing contrast to the snarky, irritable way he behaves when he can be himself.

Shima: You really do have a head for business.
Kyoichiro: Yes. But it leaves me little time for meaningless conversations *significant look*
Shima: Then I'll help out! HELLO CUSTOMER :D
Kyoichiro: D:
Customer: Bonjour!
Shima: Comment puis-je vous aider? How can I help?

('Comment puis-je vous aider' apparently means 'How can I help?')

Customer: *Leaves happy*
Shima: Not bad, right?
Kyoichiro: did you learn a foreign language??
Shima: Oh, you know, here and there in my travels :)
Kyoichiro: But you still work as a travelling salesman??
Shima: Are you worried about my welfare? :)
Kyoichiro: ...I'm just saying it wouldn't sit right with me were you to die in the wilds somewhere. But you do cause a nuisance when you show up unannounced >:/
Shima: :D Well then, I'd best be on my way, now that I've confirmed with my own eyes that you're flourishing.

Kyoichiro's fox Raita is cutely friendly to Shima, it's funny thinking of these companions as His Dark Materials style daemons showing the Inner Soul.
Shima: Isn't Kyo such a kind, good-hearted man?
Raita: Yip :D
Kyoichiro: >:(

Shima's ending:

MC works with Shima selling medicine, I guess this is designed to come after the as-yet-unwritten Shima path.

As is apparently usual, he wanders off without warning and is evasive on his return.
Shima: Did you miss me? ;)
MC: (maybe) Nope.
Shima: Lies upon lies, you're red to the tips of your ears :D

MC finds it annoying how he can read her like a book, but she knows so little about him.

Sasuke: Hey, Shima.
Shima: 'SUKE :D Lucky me, seeing you!

Ok so I guess the actual theme of this event is Everyone has Chemistry with Sasuke.

Sasuke cheerfully greets them both and then Shima tells him he just visited Kyo.
MC: (So he won't tell ME...)
Sasuke: And what were you doing, MC?
MC: Walking around selling medicine.
Sasuke: Sounds like you have her doing all the work, Shima! Still, the life you two lead does sound entertaining. You'll come visit me won't you? I'll stuff you full of more local delicacies than you'll know what to do with.
Shima: :D
Sasuke, ruffling MC's hair: And I'll expect you to take a few days off as well.
MC: :D

After Sasuke's gone, Shima goes quiet, and then roughly messes up her hair, but MC is used to his moodiness. Even though she doesn't entirely understand him, she's honoured that there's parts of himself only she gets to see.

In their inn room, he gets sulky at the suggestion he might not have worked hard today, but MC cheers him up. Then he pulls her next to her and goes to sleep, leaving her too horny to sleep herself haha.

Customer: Husband and wife, roaming the world together. It sounds like a cosy life :)
Shima: Yes but there's a lot of suffering in spending so much time together as well. Still, a bond becomes all the stronger for such experiences.

MC: You shouldn't lie to people so much.
Shima: You know you loved it ;)

She trips and hurts her ankle, and he worriedly checks she's ok, then just walks off. He comes back just as she's about to try hobbling after him.
Shima: What are you doing?
MC: Just lamenting my bad luck at getting left here.
Shima: Whatever your impression of me, I would never do that.

He splints her leg with some wood her found, and she apologises for doubting him.
Shima: You're entitled to your opinion. Do you really think me such a rascal, though? :(
MC: No! Although, you did mess up my hair...

She eventually figures out that he's jealous of Sasuke, but before she can say it he kisses her, with a look that makes her decide not to press her luck.

Shima: Now get on my back.
MC: I can't! I'm too heavy, you'd get tired!
Shima: How much of a weakling do you think I am? :)

Realising that he's angry, she agrees, and spends the whole ride imagining the surprisingly built body she can feel under his clothes.

Epilogue summary:
"Shima gets you a gift...but what does he wants as reward??" Ok they are implying it's sex but I bet it's not.

Anyway. He's an interesting guy, and not the total worst, but I kinda want to tell MC to run away and find happiness with Sasuke, or anyone else where she isn't constantly on edge, trying to guess his moods.

Kyoichiro/Shima isn't so bad, though, their flaws kind of cancel each other out.

Kyoichiro's ending:

SERIOUSLY, I HAVE TO PLAY THE WHOLE PROLOGUE AGAIN?? WHY. It doesn't even cost coins or anything it's just a bunch of clicking and waiting for the autoplay.

MC: You look tired.
Kyoichiro: Shima was here :/
MC: Aw, I didn't get to say hello.

Kyoichiro motions for MC to let him nuzzle against her shoulder, and grumpily lets Raita jump on his lap.

Kyoichiro: Shima is exhausting.
MC: Maybe he just wants your attention.
Kyoichiro, blushing: Not interested.

I have...never seen him blush before? And it's about his cousin??

The next day he shuts the shop so they can go out to a port, but he refuses to explain why.

They converse with a foreign captain they know "in his language" (probably Dutch?) then Kyoichiro is all "Don't dawdle or the sun will set" and leads the way onto the boat. It turns out he's organised for them to be taken on a little cruise.

MC enjoys the sea air but is paranoid she forgot that they'd made plans or something.
Kyoichiro: It's been a while since we met each other, hasn't it?
MC: Yes, around a year.
Kyoichiro: It's been exactly a year, in fact *blush*

MC is torn between "HE DID THIS FOR ME :D" and guilt for forgetting, but he just wants her to be happy, aw.

They get thrown together by choppy seas which they are both cheerfully into, but get distracted from getting back to their inn by some pretty glasswork that would be good to sell in their shop.

MC serves him breakfast and I was thinking that she has some things in common with Radiance!MC after all but then it turned out she always burns it haha.

Kyoichiro hands her a pendant he made from an ornament she was admiring, and when she's overjoyed says "Must you be that shocked every time I do something nice for you? This is proof that you are mine. Take care not to lose it, alright?" and then he kisses her on the cheek, aw.


(Sorry, Kyoichiro, you're cute too)

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