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Samurai Love Ballad Party: Perpetually Moonstruck: Hanzo and Hotaru

Masterlist and guide

Hanzo tries acting like a regular boyfriend, but decides he'd rather be mocking and controlling and talk about killing MC. It's cute!

Hotaru and MC do fun crafts for their friends. It's squicky as hell!


Hotaro and Hanzo in the same story sounds a bit disturbing...

So. Hanzo sees Hotaru wandering around looking lost, and immediately recognises him. He approaches, pretending to be a random concerned stranger. But Hotaru just stares blankly in response to all his smiling questions.

Hanzo: Are you lost? I would happy to assist you :)
Hotaru: That way. *wanders off*

Hanzo follows, like Hotaru is an amusingly odd species of bug.

Hotaru: I want yummy fish for my tiger :)

Hanzo, internally: He must refer to Takeda Shingen, the 'Tiger of Kai'. The elder Kirigakure brother, Saizo, is in Kai. Is this "fish", then, an offering for Shingen??

Hee, ok, this is a more amusing dynamic than I'd have expected.

Hanzo: Is your tiger well?
Hotaru: Yes, although I haven't seen him in a while. Normally he comes when I call.
Hanzo: ???!!

Eventually Hanzo realised Hotaru is talking about his cat. He gives him advice on buying actual fish, and then when Hotaru says he wants to see flowers, takes him to a cherry tree.

Hanzo constantly expecting Hotaru to be Up To Something is amusing but not entirely unwarranted, considering that he is a deadly assassin. And afaict Hotaru's lord, Kenshin, is not on great terms with Hanzo's lord, Ieyasu.

Hotaru offers Hanzo half of his "yummy" hard-tack-esque ninja rations, which Hanzo presumably also grew up on.

Hanzo: No thank you, I'm not hungry :)
Hotaru: Oh :( I suppose you can't eat things other ninjas give you.
Hanzo: did you know that I'm a ninja >:/
Hotaru: You don't make sounds when you move. Also you're kind of like my brother- Scary but kind :)
Hanzo: Hmmph. Why have you come here? For an assassination, or-
Hotaru: A walk.
Hanzo: A walk :/
Hotaru: You don't believe me? :(

Hanzo thinks about how he certainly wouldn't if it was most other ninjas, definitely not "another Kirigakure (Saizo), either Fujibayashi twin (Genya and Sakuya), or the Tiger of Kai's closest confidant (Sasuke?)"

But instead of replying, he just smiles and takes one of Hanzo's rations, aw.

Hotaru: :D :D
Hanzo: You have no sense of self preservation, do you? At any rate, see that you return home for today. You will attract suspicion if you linger overlong. And I can't allow you to remain here, of course :)
Hotaru: I don't know the way home :(

Hanzo lets out a sigh and gives him directions.

Hotaru: Will you play with me again? :)
Hanzo: I suppose I will. If the mood strikes, that is.


Hanzo ending:

Hanzo: In short order MC will have been with us for an entire year. I thought I might take her for a turn around the town.
Ieyasu: ...good for you. I didn't ask >:/
MC: (HANZO <3) :D
Ieyasu: A year...I didn't realise, what with you continuously failing to be useful in any way shape or form :)
MC: :(
Hanzo, putting an arm around MC: Her worth escapes your notice, Your Lordship, because of your illustrious status. Her day-to-day activities are beneath your line of sight.
MC: ...that almost sounds like a compliment.
Hanzo: I trust she will continue to do due diligence, to win Your Lordship's hard-won favour. Will you not, little mouse? :)
MC: I, uh...
Ieyasu: Ugh. Just get out of my sight.

Hanzo: Now, what do civilian couples do in such circumstances...
MC: (That is his up-to-something face...)
Hanzo: Such a naked display of caution! This guide must explore the art of romance in it's entirety, yes?

And then he takes out a "Guide for Lovers" that MC was sure she had locked away carefully in her desk.

MC: I'm sure I couldn't say :|

Eventually she admits she read it, but says that doesn't mean she wants to do everything described within. Which of course gives him an excuse to ask her about specifics, much to her embarrassment and his amusement.

He buys her a pretty hairpin, when she says it's impractical for a ninja he says she can wear it on missions where she plays a civilian.

He's fond and kind, which she really enjoys, especially for it's rarity.

They agree that they enjoyed the day a great deal, and wondered if this is how ordinary couples feel.
MC: There was something endearingly domestic about you today, Master Hattori.
Hanzo: I was unaware that you would prefer me as an ordinary man.
MC: Never. I love you just as you are.
Hanzo: Then allow me to give you a gift typically me. *gives her a lily from the verge*
MC: Thank you!
Hanzo: You are aware that lilies are poisonous.
MC: Of course. So you're giving me the gift of poison?
Hanzo: I'm giving you the promise that you will never die by any other poison than this.
MC: ...okay?
Hanzo, pulling her close: I am saying that I will never forgive you dying by anyone's hand but my own.
MC: That's...almost sweet.
Hanzo: You live or die by my will. The very concept of liberty is now far beyond your reach.

MC is pretty into the idea of being owned by Hanzo, but also sees this as a declaration of love, and thanks him, kissing his hand.

Hanzo: I decided to try being a typical man for a day, but you seem more pleased now.

She agrees.

Me: Well, that was cute, in it's way, but I imagine the epilogue will be a bit too M/f for my tastes.

Hanzo in the epilogue: Perhaps I shall have you make me your property for the day.

Huh! ...but it's not really them, I bet they switch back.

Anyway! On to Hotaru!

Hotaru ending:

Aw, MC decides to give a gift to thank everyone for making her so happy for the last year, so she and Hotaru make protection charms.

Oh god, she's teaching him needlework and this is such a mother/adorable-but-kinda-dumb child dynamic D:

I thought this was just a Shinto-type charm but MC is putting in an antidote for common poisons. Hotaru adds IOUs like "help with cleaning".

For Kenshin, Hotaru offers to take a nap together?? Oh god, Kenshin would absolutely be into being Hotaru's sexy father figure, wouldn't he /o\

Man is it rare for a couple to be nice people who love each other and are happy together and for me to be this squicked D:

MC: Oh no, you got ink on your face! Here, I'll use my handkerchief.
Hotaru: That tickles!
MC: There we go, all better :)


And then they make out!

Just as Hotaru is reasuring MC that everyone will love their gifts, they're summoned to the main hall for a feast in their honour, aw. Everyone loves their gifts.

When they're alone, Hotaru gives MC a charm he made for her, and she's touched but feels bad she didn't make him one too.
Hotaru: I don't need anything as long as I'm with you. So will you be with me for always?
MC: Of course. I'll always be with you.
Hotaru: Yay!

Inside the charm are a bunch of vouchers for hugs, kisses, "and so on".

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