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Samurai Love Ballad Party: Peerless in Love, Saizo and Kojuro

Masterlist and guide. I rejigged this to be clearer and have a character guide.

This event seems to be set after Act 2, when MC and her love interest are married.

Kojuro and MC make a cute married couple! This was also a kinda interesting little story.

Yukimura and MC are also cute, but alas she's married to Saizo...


So on the one hand, Saizo clearly does love MC, he has these quiet moments of watching her and finding comfort in her presence. And she finds a lot of happiness in these little moments of affection. But GOD he could COMMUNICATE A LITTLE. Also while his wry condescension is kinda funny when directed towards his dumbass boss, it's less charming when directed at his wife.

Yukimura and MC bond about how upset they get when Saizo stonewalls them.

The Sanada army is preparing to deal with a growing conflict with a mysterious cause. Saizo clearly has some idea what's going on but refuses to explain, and sneaks out in the middle of the night to kill everyone himself.

Yukimura: I'm sorry, telling you is only going to make you sad, isn't it?
MC: I'm glad when people confide in me, even a little :(
Yukimura: ...yeah, I'm sure :/

Game are you trying to make me ship Yukimura/MC?

MC: Saizo, I'm very happy that you do so much for me and Lord Yukimura. But...sometimes the way you do it makes us both miss you terribly. So please try to ask me for things too, even thought the list of things I can do for you is painfully short in comparison.
Saizo: What did the little court do without me? It's already late, little lady. Time to get you in your little bed for a little sleep.

He curls up beside her and whispers "You really can't help being foolish, can you, little lady...and the little lord right along with you."
MC: You think I'm like Lord Yukimura?
Saizo: Well, to be fair, he didn't only just start being dumb...but neither did you :)
MC: Come on, I'm not THAT dumb I?
Saizo, with deep affection: Mm.

The next day MC sees Saizo sparring with Yukimura. Apparently Saizo constantly tries to get out of sparring with Yukimura and mini-Sasuke, much to their disappointment.

Saizo keeps calling Yukimura "dear"??

Saizo finally tells Yukimura that Iga is behind everything.

Saizo: This whole thing has been a bit of a pain in the ass.

MC, honey.

Anyway, I still ended up shipping Yukimura/MC more than Saizo/MC, but could be convinced by Yukimura/Saizo/MC.

Huh! The epilogue plot seems to be MC feeling like she must be a bad wife because Saizo either doesn't like having sex very often, or only cares about her enjoyment? Is he asexual? Traumatised?? o.O

I'm curious, but not 4 pearls level of curious.

...ok I watched the Act 2 Saizo epilogue and that was pretty shippy for Yukimura/Saizo too, but Saizo was...pretty clearly not asexual lol.


They're a cute couple, affectionately helping each other get ready in the morning. Kojuro tries and fails to do up her hair.

Huh, Hideyoshi seems to be in charge of Japan, is Nobunaga dead?? But instead of making war between clans, Hideyoshi has forbidden it.

MC is the highest ranking amongst the retainer's wives, so is kind of their leader, but they're just gossiping that their husbands don't want enough sex. MC misses being able to feel more helpful as Kojuro's page.

And then she's asked to be the Date clan's representative at a "Meeting of Honoured Brides" being organised by Hideyoshi as part of a gathering of clans.

Shigezane: So MC's officially Lady Date too, is she? Now there's an arrangement I could get behind :D
Kojuro: Do not tease her so much. Her diligence is what brought her here.
Shigezane: Tempering the ink in public, are you, darling?
Kojuro: Hells, Shigezane...What of finding your own bride instead of using thoughts of what I do with mine as wax to dip your wick in...

Sorry, Shigezane, MC is probably not getting a harem of cute Date clan boys. Though Masamune gives her a cute 'lol these guys, amirite' smile. I bet he'd be up for it.

Kojuro reassures MC that she does plenty as his wife and a Lady of the Date.

Noble wife: You must have no end of troubles being married to such a fetching and courtly man, and I want to hear every one!
MC: Um. Sometimes I wish I could help with his work more?
Noble wife: *gasp* How improper!
MC: *sigh*

She briefly talks to a man with a sprite I have never seen before, who claims to be a minor retainer.

Haa I always wondered why MC stayed on as a cook, but she considers it something she is allowed to do, and enjoys as a break.

Hideyoshi sends Masamune an angry letter that he's heard Masamune plans to attack the Soma clan. And then Kojuro calmly tells MC that the only for her to be sent as a hostage to the Soma.

MC is miserable but determined to do her duty. One morning before her departure, she asks Kojuro to do up her hair again, he is gentle but it's holding "for as long as the knot, most often used in bondage, is not pulled loose from either end."

Uh, bondage as in prisoners, or...

She laughs, charmed, and they hug.

Masamune and Shigezane apologise that it came to this.

Oh noooo she meets her host, Lord Yoshitane Soma, and it's that guy from before. He gives a thin, smug smile, and it becomes clear that he's up to some sort of scheme against the Date.

One day the guards are all freaking out about something so she sneaks out to investigate, and hears Lord Soma plan to cause an uprising amongst his own people and blame it on the Date.

MC sees a heavily guarded storehouse, but before she can investigate Lord Soma catches her. He says Hideyoshi and Kojuro are coming here for a peace conference, but if she says anything he'll kill Kojuro. So he's relying on MC's acting and Hideyoshi's obliviousness? That'll go well.

MC realises Hideyoshi has noticed her staring sadly at Kojuro, who is keeping his own eyes firmly fixed on Hideyoshi.


Kojuro and MC find each other, full of relief.
Kojuro: It seems to have started over there. MC, do you know what could have been set off?
MC: And Lord Soma's chambers are near D:
Kojuro: I should rescue him, or we'll be blamed.
Masamune: It's too dangerous!
MC: Go straight down and to the left. I will wait for your safe return.
Masamune: Come on MC it's too dangerous here.
MC: I'll wait here, you go to safety.
Masamune: Ha, you really do become who you marry :)

The moment Lord Soma wakes up he accuses Masamune of arson.
Soma: You dare, you coward?!
Kojuro, covered in burns from rescuing him: >:/
MC: You dare, not once but twice?! You bring dishonour upon every man who calls himself a samurai. You forget that Katakura Kojuro, a servant of the Date, saved your life tonight!
Hideyoshi: Yes, we mustn't forget that :) I also remember telling you, Lord Soma, that we weren't to have any fights? Yet you had a storehouse full of gunpowder :)
Soma: I...UHHHH...
Hideyoshi: Your venom was well administered, Lady. You managed to get a most admirable Lady for your house, Kojuro.
Kojuro: I did :)
Soma, limping away: I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, KOJURO

Back home, MC is surprised at how neat their chambers are, and Kojuro says he couldn't stand to be there often without her there, aw. She tends to his wounds, and apologises for having being so sharp tongued, but he says he's proud of her.

They hug, and she bursts into tears.
Kojuro: I'm sorry I ever had to ask you to endure such a horrible thing. I took advantage of your desire to be of use as my wife, and let others do the same. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me for forcing something upon you that was never within my rights to do?
MC: Oh, Kojuro. Don't blame yourself.
Kojuro: No, all of this taught me that you do something that means far more than acting as my wife, or a Lady of the Date. You believe in me. Before you are Lady Katakura, you will always be my precious girl. From now on, I will not keep you from doing as you will.

She pulls him down into a kiss, then shoves him down onto the bed.
MC: O-oh, sorry, are you alright?
Kojuro: Looks like someone was lonely ;) Welcome home.

Aww. They do suit each other very well. This entry was originally posted at There are comment count unavailable comments.
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