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This ANZAC weekend was the local scifi con, Swancon. And like so many recent cons, it was online.

This was an interesting experience! I was unfortunately very sleepy this weekend so wasn't up for a bunch of content I'd been looking forward to, but participated in couple of Youtube chats via Watch2gether, which were super fun. I also submitted to and checked out the online art gallery, which was a cute virtual space you could wander around.

There were also video chats, online board games, etc. There's been a bunch of discord conversations leading up to Swancon, too, and the possibility of a bookclub etc following the con.

The first thing we watched on Youtube was the Australian production of the Phantom of the Opera Sequel musical, Love Never Dies. It was very entertainingly bad, and we all ended up shipping Meg/Christine and Phantom/Raoul more than any of the canon ships.

God, though, people talk about Twilight etc having Unfortunate Portrayals Of Sexy Bad Boys but stuff by and for men is so much worse. At least the heroines of female wish fulfillment usually get to live. Meanwhile the Phantom knows Christine's kid is his son because he's into music and the goth aesthetic. NOT LIKE HIS MOTHER, THE OPERA SINGER WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH A PHANTOM. OBVIOUSLY ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHO THE DAD IS. And he and Raoul treat Christine like a trophy to be fought over, ugh. The songs weren't even catchy, though the unexpected rock guitars were certainly...something. Having all these French and American characters randomly slip into Australian accents really added to the experience, too. This entry was originally posted at There are comment count unavailable comments.
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