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My Latest Silly Game Idea I am Not Making

Every now and then, when playing dating sims about historical figures, I think about an Australian version, but get bogged down in (a) the genocidal nature of most Australian history(*) (b) my intense ignorance about history in general.

But today I realise I shouldn't be taking my inspiration from Hakuoki/Ikemen Sengoku etc. I should take it from Code Realise/Ikemen Revolution etc! OUT OF COPYRIGHT LITERARY FIGURES ARE FREE REAL ESTATE.

I mean, I haven't actually read that much early Australian literature, and it's basically all also super duper racist, but I feel more comfortable glossing over the flaws of fictional characters than real people.

I'm sticking to adults, and imagining characters being made human as necessary, though if you prefer the furry version I won't judge. After a little thought and googling I came up with:

The Sentimental Bloke
The Jolly Swagman
One of McCubbin's sad people
The Kangaroo from Dot and the Kangaroo
The Man From Snowy River
The Magic Pudding(**)

Child!me had a proto-crush on all the girls from Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, but while they live as adults they look like semi-naked children and I just don't want to go there. The characters from Ginger Meggs, Blinky Bill, and the Seven Little Australians are are also squickily young, but could be fun as unromanceable side characters.

Afaict Chesty Bond is too recent to be out of copyright, which is a tragedy.

What other sexified, out of copyright Australian fictional characters would you enjoy in a dating sim or other romance story? Assuming the answer isn't "None, and you are very odd" :D

(*)I mean it wasn't especially genocidal pre-1788, but I'm not the person to make that game.
(**)Bill Barnacle etc would be easier to make sexy, but this is funnier and has Brand Recognition. This entry was originally posted at There are comment count unavailable comments.
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