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Samurai Love Ballad Party: Peerless in Love, Mitsuhide

Masterlist and guide

This game continues to give me new things to ship, this time combining a cute Mitsuhide/MC story with canonically mutual attraction between MC and... Yuki the evil lady ninja?? Sure, ok!

Also there was a lot of poetic sexy language that sometimes went over my head.

Me: This Mitsuhide story is really sweet so far, and it's cute seeing how earnest Mitsuhide is about being a good ruler, but idk if I'll have anything interesting to say in a reaction post.

"Mitsuhide smiles again, though I see he is biting his lip a little in shyness. I lose myself in the moment, so transfixed that I run into someone."

Me: Awww

???: My apologies
Me: D: ?!


MC: *heart flutters at the sight of the curve of her mouth*

Unaltered canon quote: "Even when she has left, she has not yet gone, her bewitching smile and bedroom eyes calling to me even in the shadows of my mind."

Mitsuhide is called back back by Nobunaga for a war council, where he announces they'll be taking on the Takeda (Shingen's clan).
Everyone but Mitsuhide: YAY MURDER
Mitsuhide: ...with all due respect my lord, you are very good at murder, but the Takeda are very tough. Perhaps we should wait until our expanded territories are more settled.
Nobunaga: You're saying to wait until the odds are in our favour? Anything we need from good fortune can be given by victory.
Everyone but Mitsuhide: YEAH! WE ARE UNBEATABLE!!

MC notices Mitsuhide brooding but thinks it's not her place to pry? You're his wife!

He says he's been left in charge of Nobunaga's home of Kiyosu while Nobunaga is at war, and asks her to come along. But there's a hidden bitterness to his smile whenever he mentions Nobunaga.

It's funny thinking that MC could be visiting Kiyosu at the same time as Kyoichiro, Shadow!MC, or Kaede. And Sakuya is presumably one of the warriors training in the courtyard even if he's unlikely to make an explicit appearance in a Radiance story.

Me: Is Yuki showing up again or was that just a random moment of bisexuality...

But then we go to the village and see the evil ninja...

...Kotaro, from Hojo, who I only know about because I looked up all the minor characters to update the guide.

MC: What is that mysterious, maniacal voice??!

Not the sort of evil ninja plan I was expecting, but ok. And Mitsuhide is ignoring the peasants like Nobunaga would, which doesn't help.

MC asks Mitsuhide if they can talk while they're getting ready for bed, so he kneels formally, in his PJs, in order to politely listen. That's adorable.

He agrees that he's been trying to act as Lord Nobunaga would, rather than following his own conscience, but argues that this is the most correct path. And then he tells MC that the Hojo clan seem about to attack, and that he's sending her home to their castle in Sakamoto, where she'll be safe.

MC reminds Mitsuhide that Nobunaga trusts him because of how much he's achieved as himself. They have a very sweet, affectionate goodbye.

I'm usually too embarrassed to quote the sex scenes but feel the need to record "I temper him well in the waters of my desire until he plunges himself into them and sets us both to drown." Which is about as explicit as they ever get, there's something charmingly archaic about the poetic metaphors, it feels like how a 16th century writer would say it.

*is distracted from serious War Conversation by Inuchiyo's boob armour*

The Hojo army are suspiciously weaksauce in battle...and turn out to have started an uprising in Kiyosu. Mitsuhide sends Hideyoshi to quell it, rushing back to defend what he's realised is the true target, his own home of Sakamoto.

Meanwhile in Sakamoto:
Yuki is a pretty woman in a revealing kimono with knives in her garter.Text: A light mist of blood west the flowers on her kimono, stirring up from her hem to make her even more startlingly beautiful.

"I could never forget the seduction of her mouth...I have seen her in my thoughts so many times since that day."

MC saw her once! For like thirty seconds, a week ago! And I thought Shadow!MC was into Yuki...

Yuki: It seems you were kind enough to remember me, dear heart.

And then she gloats about how Mitsuhide will be busy with the angry peasants etc.

MC: Who in all the hells are you?

"She narrows her gaze, a flicker of arousal shifting though them when I stand against her." I'm not complaining but this is all very odd in an otome?

Yuki: I pity that things had to end this way for us, but do not think ill of me when Lady Death lacks a fairer face, hm?

MC runs, but slips on the blood from her murdered guard.

And then...Mitsuhide blocks the blow!

Yuki: You saw through our diversions I take it :/
Mitsuhide: You undid yourself in the ease of your submission, Lady.

They fight! She manages to disarm Mitsuhide, but just as he looks defeated he stabs her with her own throwing knife.

Mitsuhide: Forgive me, Lady, my end cannot come for me here.
Yuki: I'd heard you were clever. The darkness would embrace you well, child :)
Mitsuhide: Thank you kindly, Lady. My hands are of the kind to reach for darker pursuits, but I cannot be as you are and embrace it in return...for I have long been claimed by another calling. I am, after all, the Oda's Light of Honour.

There is the sound of cheers: the Hoja have been defeated.
Mitsuhide: Lady, you would do well in service, should you wish to join us.
Yuki: Oh, dear child, a life beneath a man is tempting enough, but it never pays in equal measure.

Ok "I should like to see how that hand seeks it's darker pursuits when the woman has the fortune to be seeking the same death as you" is too poetic for me to untangle, but from context I think she's hitting on him.

"She laughs, the haunting seduction of desire sitting easily on her smile before a gust of wind sweeps her away."

(Yuki never actually give her name, and stays "???" to the end)

Mitsuhide apologises for putting MC in danger, and even apologises to the peasants, but she and everyone else praise his handling of things, and he is inspired to make cool new plans for more efficiently killing the Takeda YAY. But it means he'll be busy travelling a lot. MC "drinks the needles of her loneliness" and gives an encouraging smile.

He pulls her close and thanks her for giving him courage.

Ok look I am reasonably sure that when the epilogue says "The loneliness of that heart can only lead his hand to darker pursuits...the passion of his soul will bind you forever" they mean sex and not some occult ritual, but I am still really not getting what 'darker pursuits' is a euphemism for. Like in the fight with Yuki it just meant him being a little manipulatively sneaky and then stabbing her, right? I really don't think he's going to sneakily stab MC.


Maybe it means a threesome with Yuki! At least in the secret heart of the writer.

ANYWAY. MOVING ON TO YUKIMURA, before Mitsuhide MURDERS HIM AND ALL HIS TAKEDA FRIENDS. This entry was originally posted at There are comment count unavailable comments.
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