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Samurai Love Ballad Party: Narukami Koyichiro Chapters 8-9

Masterlist and guide

Yes, only two chapters. I need almost DOUBLE my current points to continue, so it may be a while before I play any more :/ Turns out Shadow routes are a pain in the ass.

FYI, the only reason I don't constantly complain about how RIDICULOUSLY FLAKY this game is on my emulator is that it would get annoying. But MY GOD. JUST RUN. I was restarting and clicking, over and over, for like TEN MINUTES.

Also, having happened to check the twitter today: yes, Voltage, I agree that we should support medical staff in these difficult times. But I suspect they'd prefer a donation over you selling an overpriced digital doctor's outfit and keeping all the profits...


Now that she's working for Hideyoshi, MC feels like she's on her way to living as free and powerfully as Kyoichiro.

But how free is he, really? What tortures him so?

This game inspired me to make a pilau, and like MC's it burned a little, but tasted fine.

Hideyoshi comes over to collect his medicines while MC is serving such rice, and she thinks to herself grumpily that HE is nice, and capable of giving compliments, UNLIKE CERTAIN OTHER PEOPLE.

But Kyoichiro does get enthusiastic telling Hideyoshi about how the Portuguese cook rice versus Japan.
Kyoichiro: My heart races when I think of the widespread freedom across the seas.

In 16th century Portugal? *googles* "Historians pointed out that at the same time Hideyoshi expressed his indignation and outrage at the Portuguese trade in Japanese slaves, he himself was engaging in a mass slave trade of Korean prisoners of war in Japan."

...ok I'm going back to ignoring real history now D:

MC and Hideyoshi both manage to fluster Kyoichiro into saying nice things about MC's cooking, much to their enjoyment. She finds his hidden, childish vulnerability endearing.

Hideyoshi: So I heard the magistrate who kept hitting on you was targeted by Goemon :)
MC: D:
Kyoichiro: I heard that too. Many people are pleased, given how disliked he is :)
Hideyoshi: I'm slightly pleased too. But that's our little secret ;)

Ha, Kyoichiro likes Hideyoshi more knowing that he can be mean, and gives him a friendly wink. And afterwards he admires MC successfully getting Hideyoshi as a client.
MC: I'm inspired by you. I want to trade on equal terms, too, and not have to fear a master's whims.

He looks away and says "Try it, if you can" then escapes into his room.

The next day MC hears Sasuke telling Kyoichiro about someone trying to bring "the Koka ninjas" back together in a new village. Kyoichiro says he's not interested, and will be glad when Sasuke leaves, but MC has noticed how much he smiles when Sasuke's around.

Sasuke later takes MC aside and explains to her that Kyoichiro was born in Koka (with Sasuke?) but raised in Iga. Sasuke thought he'd never see him again, but then found him years later, on the brink of death. As far as Sasuke knows, this was when Kyoichiro left Iga. "We made Iga think he was dead, but they've found him again". (We?)

I understand Sasuke's logic for sharing this, but Kyoichiro will be PISSED when he finds out.

Sasuke asks MC to take care of Kyoichiro, and she is determined to do so. "It feels as if I have folded Kyoichiro into my breast like one of his origami cranes".

Kyoichiro: Have you no confidence in yourself if you're not getting acceptance from other people?
MC: I have plenty of confidence, I'm just getting my due: compliments. You refuse to admit I'm growing better at cooking, it must vex you to no end.
Kyoichiro: If you've grown anything it's a spine...hmm! You don't look like you want to kick me the way you used to.
MC: I've grown immune to your rancour.
Kyoichiro: Ha! That's where you've improved most :D

A surprised Hideyoshi, as Rei says I could give you something for chronic fatigue, stomach ailments, ones for general use for daily life...



Hideyoshi asks why she seems so desperate to sell to him, and she decides she can trust him ahaha

She gives a sanitised story about a poor innocent village of DEFINITELY NOT NINJAS seeking independence, and being inspired by Kyoichiro.
Hideoyishi: I come the peasant class myself, I understand :)
MC: (I knew he wasn't like other Samurai!)

He offers to get some other Nobunaga retainers to buy from her, but she worries about coming to the attention of Sakuya.



MC: Have you come to kill me?
Sakuya: I've come to collect you. Come to Lord Nobunaga's side.

Sakuya takes her to the middle of nowhere and says she'll meet with Nobunaga...after she writes down the secret recipe for the cure-all Dragon's Tears.

She raises her head proudly and decides she's going to negotiate as an equal.
MC: We may serve Lorde Nobunaga but we won't give him everything. I want to make dea-
Sakuya: Fine, I'll force it out of you.

And then he starts STRANGLING her D: She realises she's backed up against a well.

MC: If you...*cough*...kill'll never get the recipe. You'd be disobeying...Lord Nobunaga.
Sakuya: Why do you think I joined Lord Nobunaga in the first place? To put an end to you fugitives. Nobunaga is the one harbouring your village, it only made sense to be close to him.
MC: I'll never reveal the secret. Not even to you, Saku.
Sakuya: ...okay then.

And then he throws her into the well D:

We see Kyoichiro arrive home and realise MC is gone. "Pretending not to be disappointed, the house feels very empty for some reason." Entering her room, he sees the paper crane crumpled on the ground.

I need TEN THOUSAND more skill points to continue?? I only have 14K after playing this route for WEEKS.

I was vaguely pondering playing Sakuya next, and this has reminded me why I might not want to. But I guess it doesn't matter since I'm NEVER FINISHING THIS ROUTE. This entry was originally posted at There are comment count unavailable comments.
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