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Love365: Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kyoga

Another Love 365 dating sim path. This is very silly dubcon trash, but I was feeling stupid today and it was free and I ate it up like popcorn.

MC is living a normal life as a librarian until a bunch of mythological creatures arrive saying they'll gain MAGICAL POWERS if she HAS THEIR BABIES.

The free LI is the wolf spirit Kyoga, who is the sort of "mature slacker" type of love interest that shows up in a few Voltage games: shoulder length wavy hair, little beard, laid-back personality, a little skeezy. Except this game's default level of skeezy is super high, and he also does wolfy stuff like sniffing her neck a lot.

I glossed over half the creepy stuff in my summary but: CONSENT ISSUES AHOY.

That said, it was sorta hot in a dubconny way, and to the extent I was able to roll with the ridiculous dubconland logic it was...actually sort of cute?
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Samurai Love Ballad Party: Perpetually Moonstruck: Kaede (and the Sasuke&Kaede prologue)

Just as I was feeling hard done by about Kaede/Sogo not having a full romance path, along comes an event where they get a romance story :D

This makes the very odd choice to start with a moderately shippy plot involving Kaede and another love interest, Sasuke, in which MC doesn't show up at all?? While I'd have never picked Sasuke/Kaede as something to ship, it was pretty cute, and I'm enough of a multi-shipper to roll with it. And there was nothing to indicate they're canonically into each other. But it was still surreal.

Anyway, the MC/Kaede(/Sogo) part after that was SUPER cute. I don't know how much of my enjoyment is just gender euphoria from a story which respects a multigender character's identity and goes on about how they're HOT and AWESOME, but I certainly had fun.
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Samurai Love Ballad Party: Kyoichiro and Hotaru starter route

Masterlist and guide

Kyoichiro is a snarky merchant with a secret life as a robin-hood type figure.
Hotaru is a deeply traumatised ninja who was kept in a dark room for much of his life and only let out to kill.

And MC is a ninja looking for a way to keep her village of fugitive ninjas safe. The story of her meeting the two of them, and learning their secrets, was pretty fun!

There's a brief implication of sex slavery in the background.
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Thinking about how and why I write reviews

Something I've been thinking about for a while is the assumptions people have about the motivations and purpose behind reading and writing reviews and analysis, especially the sort of amateur, social justice-tinged posts I make myself.

Specifically, as it relates to reviews and reactions on this blog: what is my goal here? And how much stuff I assume goes without saying isn't clear?

So here's a rough approximation of my goals, in vague order of importance:

  • Let people who haven't consumed the thing figure out if they might like it
  • Articulate and explore my own feelings about the work and how it fits into broader patterns, and express myself creatively
  • Be entertaining
  • Help others understand my POV and figure out their own feelings, even if we don't agree
  • Give other people with similar feelings to me a chance to feel seen
  • Have interesting conversations, both about the specific thing and broader topics
  • Promote stuff I think is worthy or that my readers might like
  • Encourage an environment where people can think and talk about this sort of thing without being made to feel bad or weird

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A summary of my thoughts on Nier: Automata

I decided to try writing a summary of my thoughts for people who DON'T feel like reading 2 super long posts and watching several hours of youtube videos. I ended up with...a pretty long post, but I tried.

So! Nier Automata is video game about sexy robots shooting things. It's also a really affecting story about finding meaning and connection in a meaningless, cruel world that traps us all in cycles of life and death.

This is reflected in the looping narrative where you replay the same fights and scenes from a different POV, with more context and understanding each time.

This post summarises the whole game and thus spoils it. I go into more detail about the game, including how to watch it on Youtube, as I did, in my initial post. I link to and discuss some extra materials/analysis in my second post. A lot of my thoughts here draw on other people's, and since I haven't actually played the game there's stuff I've missed.

Here's the trailer.
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Further thoughts on Nier Automata

I looked up some interesting extra canon material and watched a bunch of videos (thanks sulla!). These videos go through some of the interesting things the game does with philosophy, storytelling, and the structure of games, the first two have captions/a transcript and are designed to make sense if you haven't played the game. There was a bunch of stuff I hadn't noticed/seen/thought about but I also had some more thoughts of my own. So! Here they are!

I've tried to make this post at least vaguely readable to those who can't be bothered watching the videos or reading my previous post, but you'll be missing some context, and if you know NOTHING about the game should probably at least read the first few paragraphs of my previous post.
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Samurai Love Ballad Party: Masamune Chapters 7-Divine Ending

Masterlist and guide

This was mostly cute but not as enjoyable as I'd hoped. Masamune is an interesting character, and I believe him and MC as a happy couple, but there were a few too many things that bugged me and not enough that I super enjoyed.

Content note: unfortunate treatment of abusive parenting
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Samurai love Ballad Party: Lovers Seductive and Scandalous: Mitsuhide

Masterlist and guide

This was indeed about the gentle, polite Mitsuhide trying and failing to be a sadistic dom because he mistakenly thinks this is what MC wants :D

It's the kind of plot which would end in two lines if they actually communicated, and that gets a bit annoying, and also there's a comic relief bi masochist guy who really needs to stop dragging everyone else into his kinks. But overall it was pretty cute, and enjoyably meta given that the theme for the other guys in this Event seems to be them becoming extra toppy and jealous. That's just not you, Mitsuhide, and that's ok.
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Anyone else having problems with IFFT/tumblr?

I use an IFFT script to crosspost from dreamwidth to tumblr. Recently a couple of my dreamwidth crossposts have not shown up on tumblr. The posts crossposted to livejournal, and show up in my dreamwidth's rss feed, so I don't think it's a dreamwidth issue. They were very run of the mill posts, and spaced out between posts that crossposted fine.

So it's probably IFFT or tumblr. Has anyone else been having crossposts etc vanish?

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